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International Workers Day is also referred as Labour Day or May Day, celebrated on May 1st of every year . It is observed to honour the labourers and the working class people. The day is promoted by the international labour movement, socialists, communists and anarchists. It is a national declared holiday in most of the countries. Each country has its own tradition and culture in celebrating the day, but the major concept lies in paying tribute to the working class people. Share this International Workers Day Greetings Images to your friends, family members and everyone who toiled hard and succeed in life.


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International Workers Day

May Day

Labour Day

International Workers Day is observed on May 1st to appreciate and honour the efforts made by the labourers and working classes society. It is also called as Labour Day or May Day. This day is observed as national holiday in so many countries. Wish every labourer who worked hard and toiled their body to build the integrated society. Download the workers day image for free here. You can also email the image with the personalized messages.