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Relationships are always very fragile. We need to handle them with utmost care. There are many kinds of relationships such as friend, lover, Mom, dad, sister, colleague and each relationship has unique importance and has unique ways of handling. Words are very important in building any relationship. Words dropped could not be taken back, also it breaks the relationship. A relationship broken could not be brought back to its normal stage, and if it happens it will be very rare and of huge effort. Sometimes we win arguments but we do not know that we lost the relationship. We feel sorry for our spoken words and the deeds done. Here are some of the beautiful "Sorry" cards with messages such as "Please Understand Me", "Sorry" and "I am Sad" and more. Send these cards to those you have hurt by mistake and try to fix the relationship.


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Please Understand Me

I Am Sad

Please Understand Me

To fix your broken relationships, these cards could be very helpful. The page has a great collection of "Please Understand Me" images and pictures online for you to share. Share these cards with your beloved ones and convey your worry upon the unfortunate and sad happenings and make a new good beginning.