Happy Leap Day
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Happy Leap Day Wishes

Share this beautiful greeting card with your friends to celebrate this Leap Day in a memorable way. A Leap Day is a last day in the month of February in the Gregorian Calendar that occurs once every 4 years, which is a date occuring in years that are divisible by 4, such as 2008, 2012, and in years divisible by 100 but not by 400. Hence years 2000 and 2400 are leap years, while 1700 and 1800 are not. This card shows the message "Happy Leap Day" along with the art of a Frog, called the "Leap Frog". 2016 is a leap year and February 29, 2016 is the leap day. You can also edit the message on the card and customize it according to your requirements. Send this greeting card to your dear friends and make them feel special on this leap day. Multiply the joy of this leap Day by sharing this greeting card with your beloved friends and earn more fun and enjoy on this leap Day. Babies born on leap day are special as their official birthdays could be observed only once in 4 years. Send this greeting card to your such freinds too.

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